Etherpad-Lite dynamic reverse proxy

Etherpad-Lite is a very cool tool to write documents collaboratively in real-time in browser with others ( I’m admin of a very big instance of it. The big problem what I have is that I can’t load-balance it, because if you have two servers with one database you have to make sure that one pad is handled by one Etherpad-Lite instance. If your requests to the same pad are handled by two instances every instance writes different datas into the database and will destroy it.

So I began to write an Etherpad-Lite reverse proxy with dynamic routing table in node.js. This reverse proxy redirects requests to the server which is responsible for the pad request. The redirects will be saved in a routing table that’s why it is called dynamic reverse proxy. It’s in an alpha stadium and there is a lot to do, but any help is appreciated 🙂

You can find my project on github: